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I wanted to see the difference in reactions between my ten year old and my three year old granddaughters when they received identical gifts from me on Christmas 2015.

They did not disappoint me!

My Christmas Experiment: Identical Gifts for the Grandchildren

I gave up buying Christmas gifts for my children years ago, but that will be another story. It is much easier to give them the cash that I would spend on them so they are not burdened with my sense of fashion or gifts I incorrectly imagine they will enjoy.

I do something similar for my grandchildren, but for slightly different reasons. They both have what they need, they will get more than they need from other friends and relatives, and they both are girls so they enjoy shopping. Still, I want to give them something that one day will serve as a momento from dear old Papa Tom.

I decided this year to give them identical gifts and have their reactions recorded to see the difference between a ten year old and a three year old getting a lovely musical snow globe buried beneath fifty one dollar bills.

Here is Elliana’s reaction:

Here is Gemma’s reaction:

Even though they each acknowledged both the money and the snow globes as they went through their bags, when asked what they got, Elliana said "a bunch of money" and Gemma said "a snow globe!"

I so adore my grandchildren!

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