What's Up?
I originally wrote this poem about 2007.

I needed to make some choices in my life due to some life changing circumstances. The decisions would have been easier if it were more clear which was right and which was best.

Inner Struggles

Principled guards fidget again.
Conscience beckoned from deep within.
Natures coming into sight.
Is right best? Is best right?

Guards stay fast hiding fright,
No match they know for nature’s might.
Conscience strength is what they need,
Or upon the guards, the beasts will feed.

Natures howl, growl, snarl and roar.
Guards uneasily await the more
From conscience napping in its nest.
Is best right? Is right best?

Comes forth a dim beam in the night:
Don’t do what seems best; do what seems right.
But which is right, and which only best?
My natures confused, lie down for a rest.

Soldiers seek counsel to find what was meant.
Which would be right in the answer it sent?
"If rightful perceptions are for lust or for greed,
Then upon you, gallant soldiers, my natures will feed."

© 2015 - Goldwing Tom
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