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Music, like most art, reflects life.

These three songs reflect an aspect of life that is usually considered a topic best kept to ourselves, both literally and figuratively!

Three Songs About Masturbation

Psychologists say that it is important that we love ourselves.

They also say that masturbation is both natural and healthy.

I doubt that they mean the best way to love ourselves naturally and healthfully is to masturbate, but, then, I am not a psychologist.

It is also said that art reflects life, and music certainly fits within the realm of art.

It seems logical then that some music that reflects life is about something that is natural, healthy, and is one way we love ourselves.

Here are three songs that are about a topic that is best kept to ourselves, both literally and figuratively.

Turning Japanese by The Vapors

The reference in this song is a bit subtle. However, there is no reference to cooking rice, wearing kimonos, or eating sushi.

The lyrics open with "I’ve got your picture of me and you. You wrote ‘I love you.’ I wrote ‘me too.’ I sit there staring and there’s nothing else to do."

The reference to "turning Japanese" is the image of how a man looks as he prepares to ejaculate when masturbating.

Imaginary Lover by Atlanta Rhythm Section

The lyrics in this song are certainly more direct about the topic than the discrete references in the previous song.

"Imaginary lovers never turn you down. When all the others turn you away, they’re around. It’s my private pleasure. Midnight fantasy. Someone to share my wildest dreams with me."

The smooth sound even adds a bit of ambience!

Rosie by Jackson Browne

While the other two songs reference the topic discretely and subtly, Jackson Browne is rather overt about what happens in his song titled Rosie.

"Rosie," of course, is slang reference to "Rosie Palm," the alleged lover of teen boys the world around. The song is about a roadie who loses his date to a member of the band, and must, then, rely upon that trusty lover men regard as their right hands (except left handed men, of course).

"But Rosie you're all right - you wear my ring. When you hold me tight - Rosie that's my thing. When you turn out the light - I've got to hand it to me. Looks like it's me and you again tonight Rosie."

Those lyrics make the topic of this song rather obvious!

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